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Sustainable Island ManagementMinor
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Modulecode LKZ340VE3 Nee Ja
Minornaam NL Duurzaam Eiland Beheer Ja Ja
Minornaam EN Sustainable Island Management Ja ja
Opleiding Kust- en Zeemanagement Ja Ja
Project manager, Project coordinator, Applied researcher, Mediator
Level 3
Nee Nee
At the end of this minor the student:
  1. Can explain which challenges often occur on small islands.
  2. Can explain which management tools can be applied to achieve sustainable small island use.
  3. Can explain which research tools can be applied to answer ecological and/or socio-economic research questions.
  4. Can research an ecological or socio-economical question in the field of sustainable island management
Can translate research outcomes into management advice supporting the transition towards sustainable small island use.
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On small islands you will notice a strong connection between people and the sea. Rising sea levels, depletion of corals, higher frequency of natural disasters are big challenges inhabitants of those islands have to cope with, depending on the location. People might worry about the tourism revenue, the economical situation and the future of the island itself. It offers an interesting study situation, but you might be capable of making a difference.
How to organize sustainable island management? That’s what this minor is about. For nine weeks you will be immersed into sustainable island management from different points of view through in workshops and lectures. And you will be actively involved in discussions on the threats, challenges, opportunities and solutions small islands have to cope with.
You will prepare yourself for a project on sustainable island management for a real client. The projects are either ecological or socio-economical. For a fieldtrip during two weeks you can choose between the Dutch Caribbean island of St. Eustatius or an island closer to home like a Wadden island. Additional costs apply for both fieldtrip options.
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Doelgroep* You are interested in sustainable island management and have a first-year transcript of a university (of applied sciences). Do you fit these criteria? Then you are very welcome to participate! Ja ja
Meerwaarde* Students learn about the threats, challenges, opportunities and solutions small islands have to cope with. They will think about sustainable island management that could make a difference to people living there. Not only will this minor enlarge your knowledge and skills, it might also benefit the economical and environmental situation on the island.
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Werkvorm(en) en studiebelasting
Interactive lectures, excursions, seminars, discussions, workshops, fieldwork
Lectures                                                                                                        100 sbu
Discussions                                                                                                  100 sbu
Seminars                                                                                                      60 sbu
Self-study                                                                                                     210 sbu
To be determined                                                                                        140 sbu
Workshops                                                                                                   70 sbu
Fieldwork                                                                                                     160 sbu
Nee Nee
Beoordelingsschaal Minor Grade (scale 1-10, level of detail 0,1) Nee Nee
Ecology exam (written, individual, mark 0,1)                                           weight 5
Socio-economy exam (written, individual, mark 0,1)                              weight 5
Poster Pitch (oral, individual, mark 0,1)                                                    weight 2
Island report (written, group, mark 0,1)                                                   weight 5
Preparation & evaluation (written, individual, mark 0,1)                        weight 3
Workfield assignment (written, group, mark 0,1)                                    weight 10
Nee Nee
Verplichte literatuur Check blackboard for information about additional literature. Nee Ja
Minorcoördinator ja ja
Contactpersoon informatieverzoeken* Ja Ja
Taal onderwijsuitvoering Engels
Ja Ja
Studiepunten (credits) 30 Ja Ja
Onderwijsvorm* Voltijd Ja Ja
Startperiode(n)  Periode 1
 Periode 2
Ja Ja
Aanvang inschrijfperiode* 31-8-2021 Nee Ja
Einde inschrijfperiode* Zelf vastleggen, nader te bepalen Nee Ja
Verplichte contacturen* The amount of contact hours differs from week to week. Ja Ja
Ingangseisen VHL-studenten None, although some background in ecology and economy will be very useful.  Nee Ja
Ingangseisen externe studenten* None, although some background in ecology and economy will be very useful.  Ja Ja
Documenten aanleveren voor ingangseisen* nvt Nee Ja
Capaciteit/ wachtlijst 25 Nee Nee
Contactpersoon MLC Heemstra (tel: 0582846281, email:
Coordinerend onderdeelVan Hall Larenstein
Minor Sustainable Island Management 2021