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International Timber TradeMinor
Module code  VBN4ITVE2
Minor title Dutch Specialisatie program international timber trade
Minor title English Specialization program international timber trade
Study Programme Bos- en natuurbeheer
Competence Level
2. Project- en procesmanagement Professioneel Bachelor
3. Communiceren Professioneel Bachelor
4. Praktisch (gebieds)onderzoek doen Professioneel Bachelor
7. Ondernemen Professioneel Bachelor
Educational Goals Project- and processmanagement:
  • student is able to implement the essential elements of project management into the project assignment
  • student is able to ask feedback on his performance and undertakes actions for improvement
Conducting research:
  • student is able to collect reliable information from various sources and to weigh and assess this information;
  • student is able to determine the most prominent applications of timber and the specific market with concern to this application
  • student is able to recognize and motivate the importance of the different wood features in relation to its end uses
  • student is able to determine the mechanical and chemical properties of wood
  • student is able to determine the strength and quality classes of timber
  • student is able to describe the main methods of strength grading timber and regulations
  • student is able to apply timber regulations concerning legality, sustainability and general certificates which are common in the timber business and how they influence trade
  • student is able to understand the essential business concepts which are relevant in implementing business ideas
  • student is able to assess the companies’ market position relative to the supplier in order to make correct purchasing decisions
  • student Is able to select the correct market strategy in developing (new) business ideas
  • student is able to perform integral calculations which cover all important variables that are common in the timber business
  • student understands the impact of a good supply chain management on the competitive advantage of a firm
  • student is able to formulate an advice for business development
  • student has a basic understanding of organizational structures and the requirements for a good structure
  • student has a basic understanding of the management process (plan- organise-direct-monitor) and how this process can be influenced
  • student is able to promote the sustainability advantages of timber as a competitive advantage to other building materials
  • student is able to design an integral plan for a company, which covers the main aspects that are involved in implementing business ideas
  • student is able to conduct a (commercial) business meeting
  • student is able to sell a product and a service, also via telephone
  • student is able to handle complaints
  • student is able to negotiate
  • student is able to interact with different customer types
  • student has understanding of business cultures in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa
  • student has understanding of acquisition of new customers
  • student is able to lead a discussion/debate and defend an own opinion
Content/subject Wood is an unique material. Not only renewable and sustainable, under certain conditions, it is also strong and versatile. To make furniture, houses, tools, whatever. But wood starts as a tree of course, and it requires harvesting trees and timber industry.
This minor is about timber and timber trade in (tropical) hardwoods and softwoods and wood based materials. It offers you among much more, knowledge and skills to determine the strength and quality classes of timber and to recognize and motivate the importance of the different wood features in relation to its use. A number of lectures on timber and trade are provided.
You will act in this minor with fellow students as a consultancy company that has to work on a professional business development plan for a timber company. Later on you will work according to this plan.

Target audience*  All students who are interested in deepening the knowledge in timber combined with the trade of wood products
Added Value* Students acquire a broad understanding of timber and timber trade in (tropical) hardwoods and softwoods and wood based materials. They will also have a good overview of the Dutch timber industry. They will enlarge their skills about project management, applied research, entrepreneurship and communication in different situations.
Teaching method(s) and study load This educational unit consists of 30 credits with a total of 30*28= 840 hours.

280 hours of lectures
60 hours excursions
280 hours group assignments
80 hours assignments
100 hours self-study
40 hours assessments
Rating scale Grade
Exams / Tests / Essays Refer to list of examinations.
Literature and other necessities​  Tsoumis G, Science and Technology of wood
Minor coordinator John Raggers,
Contact person for additional information​* John Raggers
Language of tuition​ English
Study points (credits)​ 30
Form of instruction​* Full time
Available in the following study terms:​  Period 1
Start application*  
Deadline application*  
Obligatory contact hours​* No, Number of contacthours per week 20-24
Admission conditions for VHL students​ All modules of the propedeutical exam are passed
All 4 credits of Studymentoring year 2 have been obtained
Admission conditions for external students* 120 credits at Bachelor level in the field of  business management, wood technology or forestry
Application documents​* List of obtained credits.
Maximum No. of participants / Waiting list​ Max. 25
Contactpersoon J Raggers (tel: 0263695707, email:
Coordinerend onderdeelVan Hall Larenstein
Minor International Timber Trade 2021