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International Applied Animal ScienceMinor
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Minor title Dutch Minor International Applied Animal Science
Minor title English Minor International Applied Animal Science
Study Programme Animal Husbandry – Velp
Competence(s) The minor is working on the following general competencies for Animal Husbandry specialists at BSc level:
1. Preparing a business plan
2: To translate and to apply governmental policies and legislation into practice
3: Preparation and implementation of applied research
4: To develop and market products and services
5: To analyse and to optimize the management of an animal husbandry business
6: To acquire clients and to give advice
7: To lead projects, processes and people
8: To develop and apply a quality (assurance) system
9: To show professional behaviour and reflection on own performance
10: To conduct social responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship
11: Interactive inform specific target groups
12: Overseeing the international animal husbandry sector
Educational Goals You will learn:
To write professional papers applying animal performance theory.
To operate an animal husbandry farm advisory assignment from intake to final reporting and advice discussion.
To develop and execute a quantitative applied research in animal husbandry followed by advise development and presentation on related innovations.
To execute, manage and report a development project assignment for a secondary company in animal husbandry.
To develop your professional competencies for job requirements in animal husbandry sector at Bachelor level (primary, secondary or tertiary).
Content/subject Investigation of new stable systems, alternative food for animals, robot implementation, new products or the collaboration with care and landscape management. All this could be very interesting to become more successful in animal husbandry. But, how to implement the results of applied research and to improve your perspective? That is what this minor is all about.
You will learn about different science based animal husbandry performance indicators. Or, in other words, what is it that makes the animal husbandry more successful? This is very useful when you are producing an advisory report for the improvement of production outcomes for a specific farmer. You will also develop new farming practices for the benefit of a specific organization or company.
Target audience* Internal: students Animal Husbandry, majors Melkveehouderij and Equine Sports and Business
External: students with at least 2 year Bachelor education in Animal Husbandry
Added Value* The minor about applied animal science offers students the knowledge and skills to become a more successful farm manager, an applied researcher in animal husbandry or an advisor on the subject.
Teaching method(s) and study load 30 EC corresponding with 30*28 hours work load = 840 hours
Rating scale Marks 1.0 - 10.0
Exams / Tests / Essays For ‘Animal Performance Science’ you have to submit three individual papers and two group papers.
For ‘Farm Advice’ you will act as a team and have to submit a farm report, an advice report and a planning, activity and reflection report, you have to execute an advice meeting and an individual reflective interview.
For ‘Research and Innovation’ you have to work in a small team and submit a research proposal, a research report, an article on your research and you will do an interactive presentation on your research and recommendations.
For ‘Sector Development’ you will act as a project team and submit a project plan, your background report, your specific project deliverables, a reflection report and an individual reflective oral interview.
For Study mentoring you have to submit several individual products in your port-folio related to your personal development.
  1. Animal Performance Science- VAH3A1VE1 - 7 EC
  2. Farm Advice - VAH3A2VE1 - 7 EC
  3. Sector Development - VAH3A3VE1 - 7 EC
  4. Research and innovation - VAH3A4VE3 - 7 EC
  5. Study Mentoring Major AAS – VAH3A5VE1 – 2 EC
Literature and other necessities​ Through the course website literature will be announced that will also be available web-based or in the library.
Minor coordinator Ben Rankenberg; e-mail:
Contact person for additional information​* Ben Rankenberg; e-mail:
Language of tuition​ English
Study points (credits)​ 30
Form of instruction​* Fulltime; from 30th August 2021 to 28th Jan 2022
Available in the following study terms:​  Period 1
Start application* 5 januari 2021
Deadline application* To be determined.
Obligatory contact hours​* 16 hours per week
Admission conditions for VHL students​ You have to study now in a Bachelor Animal Husbandry or comparable study program.
Always you need to have at least 90 credits from your Bachelor program at the moment of registration and at least 120 credits to be able to start with the minor.
Admission conditions for external students* Same as for internal students.
Application documents​* Grade list from your current Bachelor program that is showing you are fulfilling the entry requirements.
Maximum No. of participants / Waiting list​ Max 5 students
Contactpersoon EHM Rankenberg (tel: 0263695728, email:
Coordinerend onderdeelVan Hall Larenstein
Minor International Applied Animal Science 2021