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International business and TradeMinor
Minornaam NL International business and Trade
Minornaam EN International business and Trade
Opleiding BBA international Business in food and Flowers
  • VBAB2. Development of vision and strategy for an (international) agrifood business
  • VBAB3. Entrepreneurship and innovation in the international agri-food business
  • VBAB4. Prepare and implement a practical business research in the agri-food sector
  • VBAB5. Management of organizations, processes and projects, and people
  • VBAB6. Effectively collaborate and communicate in a multidisciplinary and intercultural environment
  • VBAB9. Optimizing logistics and monitoring quality in agri-food chains
The aim of this module is to develop competences in job profiles in the cross-border of international business and trade.

The student is able:
  • To analyze, judge and develop an international trade organization on effectiveness, innovative, efficiency, flexibility, quality and inspiring leadership
  • To learn how to make decisions based on different data  with the help of different calculation, decision models and MIS/DSS systems
  • Developing a critical way of thinking so they can apply decision tools
  • To master the concept of business intelligence and do applied research for judging the feasibility of a sustainable business idea that meet the needs of a food trading company and its stakeholders 
  • To use marketing information systems and can translate CRM in to a marketing strategy.
It helps when you know something about other cultures when you are doing business abroad. But there is more to it than dressing appropriately, starting a conversation and shaking hands. International business means, for instance, you will promote and transfer goods to other countries. You have to know something about the way to act, the things to consider, the decisions to make.
In the minor International business and trade you will learn how to develop and analyse an international food or horticulture business. And you will learn about the way entrepreneurs and managers in international agri-businesses do trade , how they make decisions and how they invent and reinvent themselves and their enterprises within an international environment.
A management game will teach you how to cope with integrated data of marketing, logistics and finance and sustainability.
Doelgroep* Interna land external-
Meerwaarde* This minor gives the student international insights, tools and skills for initiating  trade opportunities and business developments in the world of the international food and flower trade. It also provides them with skills on the topics of critical thinking, making decisions, developing enterprises, working with data and how to inspire people in an international setting.
Werkvorm(en) en studiebelasting
You will do practical assignments and a business development & trade project. In class-room and online sessions you develop competences, gain insight in the theories, learning how to use the different tools and develop trade skills.

Study load is 30 ects (840 hours)  by doing:
  • Management games
  • Case studies
  • Interview assignments
  • Group/project work
  • Lectures
  • Assessment (exam and preparation)

Beoordelingsschaal Minor A mark from 1 to 10
Exam 01: Performing as manager:
Lectures, project, management game, group work
8 x (240 min/week) = 32hrs
8 x (180 min/week) preparation time = 24hr
8 x (480 min/week) time for group work = 64hr
Self-study 18hr
Assessment 2hrs
In total 140hr

Exam 02: Management & Organization (M&O)  and Management information (MIS) :
M&O Lectures, case studies, start-up event.
Total 56hrs
8 x 2hr = 16hrs; lectures
8 x 2hr = 16hrs; working on case studies in teams
Self-study 21hrs
Assessment 3hrs
MIS: Lectures, case studies
Total 56hrs
4 x 2hr = 16hrs; lectures
5 x 4hr = 20hrs; working on case studies
Self-study 16hrs
Assessment 4hr hours

Exam 03: Feasibility study & Business Scenario Analysis & Customer Relation Management (MIS)
Project, group work
Total 84hrs
4 x 2hr = 8hrs; Lectures Feasibility Study
4 X 2hr = 8hrs; Lectures Business Scenario Analysis
8 x 3hr = 24hrs; working on project, coaching and feedback during contact hours
8 x 3hr = 24hrs; working on project
Self-study 19hrs
Assessment 1hr                  
MIS Lectures, case studies
Total 56hrs
5 x 2hr =   10hrs; lectures CRM
8 x 2hr = 16hrs; working on case studies CRM
5 x 3hr = 15hr training sales techniques
Sales techniques: individual assignment = 4hr
Self-study 8hrs
Assessment 3hrs

Exam 04: Defence of Management Policy & Financial planning
Total 56 hrs 
Lectures, project, management game, group work
5 x (240 min/week) = 20hr lectures
5 x (180 min/week) preparation time = 15hr
5 x (240 min/week) time for group work and assessment preparation = 20hr
Assessment 1hrs
Financial planning:
Total 56hrs
Lectures, case studies
3 x (240min/week) = 12hr lectures
Self-study 40hrs
Assessment 4hrs

Exam 05: Quality & logistics in the food chain & HRM and change management (H&M)
Project, group work
Total 84hrs
4 x 2hr = 8hrs; lectures “Effective Food Supply Chains & Redesign”
4 x 2hr = 8hrs; lectures “Quality handbook”
8 x 3hr = 24hrs; working on project, coaching and feedback during contact hours
8 x 3hr = 24hrs; working on project
Self-study 19hrs
Assessment 1hr
H&M Lectures, case studies
Total 56hrs
8 x 2hr = 16hrs; lectures
8 x 2hr = 16hrs; working on case studies/
Self-study 21hrs
Assessment 3hrs

Exam 06: Business Development Plan & trade research plan
Project, group work
Total 84hrs
4 x 2hr = 8hrs; lectures
8 x 3hr = 24hrs; working on project, coaching and feedback during contact hours
8 x 4hr = 32hrs; working on business plan
Self-study 19hrs
Assessment 1 per team
Research trade proposal
Workshops, research design of feasibility study
Total 56hrs
2 x workshop = 16hrs
Self-study 37hrs
Assessment 3hrs

Verplichte literatuur Will be presented in moodle rooms
Contactpersoon informatieverzoeken*
Taal onderwijsuitvoering Engels
Studiepunten (credits) 30ects
Onderwijsvorm* Voltijd
Startperiode(n)  Periode 1
Aanvang inschrijfperiode* 5 september 2021
Einde inschrijfperiode* Zelf vastleggen, nader te bepalen
Verplichte contacturen* Average 14 hours a week
Ingangseisen VHL-studenten Non
Ingangseisen externe studenten* Just English
Documenten aanleveren voor ingangseisen* No
Capaciteit/ wachtlijst no
Contactpersoon R van der Velde (tel: 0263695585, email:
Coordinerend onderdeelVan Hall Larenstein
Minor International Business Food & Flowers 2021